Electronic distribution

MONT ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) is a channel for receiving electronic keys for software and digital content directly from a vendor in online mode.

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E-keys are a best way to obtain software licenses

For whom is electronic distribution intended?

This distribution type is useful for Internet service providers, online stores, computer service providers and telecommunication operators.

Electronic distribution is suitable if you:

  • Mostly work with retail products
  • Have no possibility to use physical media
  • Care about logistic optimization
  • Have online retail platform

Special services for retailers

  • Integration with cash register
  • Key delivery at the buyer's choice:  in  a check/receipt, text message or e-mail
  • Online store access 24/7

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The product portfolio of electronic distribution MONT is permanently updated.

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The ability to find the products you need to order by  p/n, group of p/n or name

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Electronic distribution benefits

Electronic keys are convenient and easy:

  • Instant delivery of electronic keys and all documents
  • Ability to place orders both automatically and manually
  • Convenient logistics: no store and delivery costs
  • High margins for most items

E-keys sales typical ways

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Protocol for integration partner's any trading system with MONT WebStore platform.

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Frequently asked questions


How to join the MONT partner network?

Your company must be IT company and If your are still not MONT partner, you should feel out the form. Our manager will contact you soon.

How to request marketing data?

To request marketing data please contact us at marketing@mont.ge

Deliver time for non-stock products

There is no clear answer to this question, for different manufacturers and different products the delivery times are very different. Delivery can be from one day to 8 weeks. It all depends on where to deliver and what to deliver. Timeframes for typical products are:

  • Microsoft boxed products: 4 to 6 weeks
  • Enterprise licenses: 5 to 8 weeks
  • OEM Microsoft: Never out of stock at the warehouse
  • Electronic license keys: Within a few minutes