Less than 60 days to transact offers in the Open License program

16.11.2021 Print news

December 31, 2021, is the last day to transact Open License program offers; no renewals of Software Assurance (SA) and online services or new purchases of software licenses and online services can be made through the Open License program.

Dear partners, we strongly recommend placing all urgent and important orders on OLP by December 15, 2021. Otherwise, Microsoft does not guarantee that orders will be processed and released before the end of the program.

A few important reminders:

  • Submit your planned December Open License orders well in advance of the December 31, 2021, deadline. Do not wait until the last week of December to place orders.
  • Engage early with your resellers and customers to avoid unprocessed Open License orders at calendar-year end.

Per standard Regional Operation Center (ROC) commitments, Open License orders are processed on a best-effort basis. Microsoft does not guarantee an order submitted before the Open ordering system shutdown on December 31, 2021 will be processed due to the time it may take to release and process that order. Please remember: Order compliance reviews as well as any surge in year-end order submission volumes could impact release and process times of your Open License order.

  • If your organization anticipates Open License program orders having potential processing risks (prior to December 31, 2021), you're advised to place the order via software offers in CSP.
  • If your organization intends to place orders in the Open License program during December 2021, please do so as early as possible in our MCD Portal to avoid processing delays that may impact release and processing of the order.

You can review helpful assets on the Operations Readiness Gallery including the latest information on transitioning from Open L to CSP including on-demand webinar sessions to help partners onboard and transition customers as needed.

For partners who are not yet onboarded into the CSP program, please remember: December 31, 2021 is the last day to transact Open License program offers for your customers. As of midnight, local time on January 1, 2022, partners must have joined and onboarded into the CSP program to transact the perpetual software offers in CSP. To protect your revenue streams, partners will need to transition those Open License program customers sooner rather than later and move their new purchases and renewals to the offers in CSP, Open Value, or Open Value Subscription.

Next steps:

  • Step 1: contact your personal manager at MONT for more information and access to the MCD portal.
  • Step 2: transfer perpetual software orders in the CSP channel.

For more information please visit the official Microsoft website:

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